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Tree Trunk
What is there to pick?
Depending on when you come, different fruit and varieties are available. Farm stewards will let you know which fruit and varieties are available to pick when you come. You can also check our website for week by week updates on what's ready to harvest. 
Tree Trunk
Can I pick anything I see?
Asian Pears are not in the U-Pick program and not available to pick. Also, some fruit may look ripe months before it is actually ready to eat. Please rely on farm stewards to inform you what is ready to pick at the time of your visit.
Tree Trunk
Can we bring friends?
Yes, you can bring up to 4 people per group. Each additional person is $7.50 to be paid at the entrance. Children under 3 are free.
Tree Trunk
Why do you have an entrance fee?
We are a small farm with a social mission. We charge an entry fee to enable us to continue to run the farm with the best ecological practices, and to pay decent wages to our farm stewards, as well as to ensure that the farm remains accessible to all, especially communities of color.
Tree Trunk
Are all your products organic?
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