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Join Our Growing Circle


When You Donate to EARTHseed You Are Supporting:

  • Living Wage Jobs for our team of Black and Brown Stewards​​

  • Benefits including childcare and translation services for our team!

  • Sponsored U-Pick days to ensure the U-Pick is accessible to schools and community organizations in Sonoma County and around the Bay Area

  • Educational Programs for Youth including Daylong Experiences and Camping Trips!

  • Donations of our Organic Fruit to Local Partners (Over 17,000 lbs donated in 2021).


All donations are received through our Fiscal Sponsor, Community Movement Builders, a 501(c)3 organization. 


Send Your Donation via Check or Wire Transfer

to our NonProfit Fiscal Sponsor, Community Movement Builders. Click for details.

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Your Donation:

$50 - Sponsors a box of fruit donated to local partners

$200 - Sponsors a Day of Childcare or Translation Services for Stewards 

$1500 - Sponsors a U-Pick Day for a Community Group

$5000 - Sponsors a Camping Trip for a Youth Group

And Please Consider a Recurring Monthly Donation of Any Amount.

Your recurring donation helps us to plan for the year and gives stability and continuity to our donations.


Thank you so much and we appreciate you donating at any level and spreading the word about EARTHseed.


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