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Farm Visit

Our next Farm visit day is Saturday, October the 22nd! You can make an appointment to visit the farm, enjoy relaxing on the land, walk the land, visit the pigs, purchase our juice, pineapple guavas, and asian pears, and visit our farm store for a variety of wellness and health products. 

Farm Visit Appointments are available now. If there are no appointments left at the link, we are all sold out.

Farm Visit Details:

  • Next Farm Visit Day: October 22nd. Appointments will be available starting Oct 18th at 9 am.

  • Hours: 12PM-4PM. 

  • Non-Refundable Entry Fee: $25 (per group of 6).

  • Farm Visits: 60 minutes per group

  • Fruit Available to Harvest this Week:  THERE IS NO FRUIT AVAILABLE TO HARVEST - NO U-PICK THIS WEEK. Our Asian Pears and Pineapple Guavas are available for purchase in the store.

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