What is there to pick?
Depending on when you come, different fruits/varieties are available. Farm staff will let you know which fruits/veggies are available to pick when you come. Our website also has a "Calendar of Fruits" with approximate times of ripeness. 
Can I pick anything I see?
No, thank you. Asian Pears are not in the U-Pick program and not available to pick. Also, many fruits look ripe months before they are actually ready to eat/ripe. Please rely on farm staff to inform you what is ready to pick at the time of your visit.
What is there to do besides pick fruit?
We have a picnic area and some kids activities. Check our links page for local parks and attractions.
Can we bring friends if we are members?
Season Passes are per family or group of 4. Plan on purchasing a Season Pass  for each multiple of 4. Grandparents are included in your membership!
Why do you have Season Passes?
As a small farm we are unable to offer Upick to thousands of people. The Season Passes allow us to offer the experience to families who like to support small family farms.
Are all your products organic?
Everything except the Asian Pears. Our Asian Pears are currently in their 3rd  "Transitional" year.  The pears were organic for 14 years and in 2014 the federal rules were changed to disallow the use of antibiotics to treat fireblight. At the time, there were no effective organic treatments to control fireblight (which can kill pear trees) so we opted to remove our pears from the organic program. Now that there are organic products on the market to control fireblight, we are back in the organic program as "transitional" which means we manage the pears organically for 3 years and then they will, once again, be Certified Organic in May 2021.

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U-Pick at Gabriel Farm is a membership program. Cost: A case of our delicious Asian Pears!